What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing has taken precedence over everything on the web. If your company does not have an update of contents, then the contents on your website becomes history. There will be no traffic channeled through your website.

Content Marketing is a vital part of technology which helps you to add, delete, update your content and project it to customers. Lots of marketers speak about content marketing, but are they really sure of what it is and what it can bring for their companies? To give a basic idea of content marketing, we could say that it carries a strategic approach keeping in mind the supply of important, significant and reliable content to attract customers in a specific sphere of business, with the ultimate aim to bringing about customer attraction.

Content marketing can take different forms, such as texts, videos, images or any other format the company prefers to project. As stated here the three types of content marketing areas are explained more fully below.

  1. Text Articles

Text Articles do not in principle project the brand, but they let potential customers know of what the company is all about and what services and products they can offer. The final outcome that the company will look forward to is the patronage of customers towards their products or services.

  1. Images

Images are indeed another aspect of content marketing and an image accompanied by an article which corresponds to the image will no doubt attract customers to try out your products or services. For example, if your services is in bottled drinks, you could have an image of Kotthu (a Sri Lankan dish prepared mainly for diners) and the image of Koththu could be accompanied by the bottled drink or drinks. This will catch the eye of customers who will want to try out the bottled drink with a dish of Koththu.

  1. Videos

In the present era videos occupy a special place in content marketing. It’s an important “push” in marketing that the consumer knows what he or she is buying and a video with a well laid out content will attract the consumer to try out the product. For example, the Mc Currie brand has brought out a new product called the Masala Range of Pre-cooked Curry Sauces, where they say you can whip up a curry in minutes. This is so as the pre-cooked curry sauces, needs the addition of cuttle fish (squid), fish, mutton/beef or chicken to be added to these curry sauces with no other ingredients, as all ingredients are in the pre-cooked curry sauces. This no doubt will bring a plethora of customers mainly the female folk.

If you need to run a content marketing campaign, all you need to have is a well laid out strategy. The content marketing strategy can be made to suit your requirements and there is no guidelines provided for this. It is all about what you want for your company in the area of content marketing.

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