Few Tips to Make Social Media Contents more Engaging

Social Media has taken the world by storm and at least 90% of the global businesses are taking to social media to project their products and services and no doubt they are getting somewhere in this sphere. But, if one looks closely at these social media content on marketing, you will see that there is no engaging phenomenon that would attract customers to the products or services.

If you have an engaging and luring content on your website you will acquire more traffic by way of customers, and also replies, inquiries and comments by these potential customers.

  1. How to engage customers

If you do not have a quality content portfolio to engage customers, then these customers will not follow you anymore. Social media marketing is all about engaging and intensifying your target viewers.  You need to literally bridge the gap between your content and the target viewers. For this you need to have a check list in hand which will have the following contents:-

  1. Is my title effective?
  2. Is there any usefulness in the content?
  3. Is my content sans errors?
  4. Is it targeting the correct audience?
  5. Has it got the appropriate keywords
  6. Are the videos entertaining and engaging?
  7. Is the content occupying the correct slot?


      2. What can help in engaging quality content marketing?

If you take a look at the published content on social media you will see how engaging some of them are and how much traffic they channel. Social media content has taken the world by storm, as the content on social media persuades the buying decisions of customers. As social media give you a limited portion in space, remember that every sentence you write needs to be compact with what you need to project to your potential customers.

You need to influence your visitors with your brand and this too needs to be enticing so that it attracts your potential customers and prevents them from moving to competitors. You need to think about the perfect trait for your content marketing:-

  1. Talk less on quality – but open up to your customers.
  2. Focus
  3. Adopt the law of patience
  4. Be accessible to customers
  5. Reciprocate each and every inquiry
  6. Bring about conversation with your customers
  7. Acknowledge their presence.

It is of utmost importance that you do not have “bots” take over your reciprocation and acknowledgement arenas. You need to have physical presence of humans who will reply instantly. It is seen today that with the advancement of technology, companies resort to “bots” and it is quite evidently so when you get a stereo typed answer to your inquiries. Instead of this, you should have customer service personnel on call and let them answer questions from potential customers.

For example on QuickWork you will find customer service personnel who are on call round the clock as Quickwork provides a global service in assignment writing and other spheres of writing.

Hence, before you go ahead with your plans, see that you have a well laid out strategic plan with envisaged end results.

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