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Quick Work is a freelance service that was set up in Sri Lanka with the principle aim of providing high-quality support to individuals who do not have the time to concentrate on such areas, along with growing their own businesses. We at Quick Work are equipped with the important tools for providing our clients and customers with explicit services that will allow them to focus on other issues that they are engaged in.
We take total responsibility for the work we will do for you. Our professional staff are equipped with the knowledge, know-how and expertise that you need for any of your projects and we are just a call way from it all.
We are flexible enough to meet any budget as we value our customers and their needs as a top priority area. Our portfolio consists of customers who have been happy with our work and who patronize our services on a continuous basis.
We look forward to your patronage and are confident that you will join our portfolio of satisfied customers, once you have utilized our services. Hence we invite you to indulge on a tour of our website, which we are sure will prompt you to use our services.
Our Services
Graphic Designing
Graphic Designing is a popular concept today and many businesses indulge in this for projecting your needs in this area. Our professional team of designers are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to create the perfect logo, website or design eye-catching letterheads and business cards.
We believe in the concept of “designs that are to be felt in an instant, with be the first to be recognized.” This concept has been the core of our graphic designers who will no doubt project your needs in a manner that will just “wow” you.
Our designers are a responsible team and take their work seriously, as they are trained to realize that a satisfied customer is a long standing customer.
Web Design and Development
Today the world of business has changed so much when compared to those days of yesteryear. Web designing and development have taken a front stage in promoting businesses and attracting clients. If you look at the internet you will find a variety of websites for any business.
At Quick Works our personnel are skilled and trained to produce the best in web designs and development that will have your customer base simply overflowing with customers. Our work is of high caliber and our professional team in this area are constantly trained to keep up with the ever increasing trends in the world of technology.
Content Writing
Just as much as web designing is an important aspect for any business or individual so is the content writing part of it. Content Writing is not as easy as it projects to be, as the needs of customers differ from one another. Businesses differ and are not the same. Hence content writing needs to set an impression of quality of service and what the client requires.
We are aware the most businesses and individuals know that content writing is attracts potential customers to engage in a journey through specific websites. Our experts in this field always go a step further than any other company in this field, to be in constant touch with our clients.
At Quick Works we are proud of our content writing experts who normally take on writing projects with enormous enthusiasm and the end results have always been the best.
Video Creating
It’s all about technology and the ever growing need to emerge with something new. An image can launch many ships and how would be it if a video does that too? A photo is a stationery image of a person, location or site. But a video is a true recording of what goes on in your business and how you let your potential customers view it. In other words it is a “moving” blue print of your organization and at Quick Works this is exactly how we make it happen.
Our experts in this field are equipped with the knowledge of planning and executing of the video editing,creating concepts and you can rest assured that our services will no doubt rake in sufficient traffic and more via the video marketing clip.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing has taken the world by storm. You access the internet and you re inundated with social media marketing clips.
Our experts in this field are equipped with the knowledge on how social media marketing should be and how it will take your businesses to great heights in this ever changing world of digital technology.
Our team will first plan for you based on your requirements and then you will see how well they would have put together your ideas to project them in a manner that would attract customers.
Google Ads
Google Ads another popular part of marketing. You need to get it right? And yes get it right the first time with Quick Works expertise in this area. Our team is equipped with new innovative ideas for your Google ads. It is no doubt that in a second there are around 2.3 million people accessing Google Ads for their requirements.
Our experts in this field are equipped with the know-how to bring about the best in Google Ads so that quality traffic is raked in.
Facebook Ads
Today Facebook has come a long way from what it was at the inception. And this long say has taken on the bandwagon of FB the need and effectiveness of Facebook Ads.
At Quick Works we are constantly searching for opportunities that would be new ones for our clients and are equipped with the expertise and experience of designing for you the best Facebook Ads that will bring in traffic to your website
Online Advertising
Online advertising is an area that has shown the potential of burgeoning into channeling businesses to your website. It is an important area where our team of experts handle it in such a way that online advertising would look a piece of cake with the icing to come thereafter.
Our online advertising products consist of Banner Ads, Email Marketing, Pop Ups, and Blog Advertising.
We do have a set of professionally trained staff to handle this aspect of our business and no doubt they will do so in a manner that would channel the best traffic to your business with major end results.
Search Engine Optimization is a new concept which has taken the digital world by storm and continues on its journey to enhance any part of your digital technology process.
Our team is equipped with expertise to draw up strategies, techniques and tactics which will no doubt be of immense use to businesses and individual alike. Our experienced staff will assist you to identify the best SEOs an the manner in which it works, so that your requirements will no doubt be fulfilled.

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