Will Content Marketing usurp SEO in the near future?

This is a topic that is being discussed among marketers and business owners. However, it is unlikely that this will happen in the near future, although many think there are possibilities that it would. SEO and content marketing definitely run parallel, but they are different in nature and output due to the different nature of their goals and objectives. At the beginning we must understand that SEO’s target is to hit at search engines, while content marketing is focused on targeting a specific audience.  If your content is effective it will help elevate the results of SEO, due to the fact that Google goes all out to deliver the best results for its audience/users, and no doubt content marketing follows the same path.

Content marketing no doubt acts as the oxygen for SEO.  It is the truth that SEO requires the routes out to employ the target keywords, while content marketing provides these opportunities. Content marketing on the other hands act in accordance with the demand of SEO. The path it takes will be blogging, emailing, post on social media, using twitter, articles, reviewing, commenting, banner content etc. On the other hand the plan of SEO encircles upon the type of content it requires, the reason for the creation of the content, the targeted source, the relevant audience and principles which will encompass the most relevantly searched keywords.  Building up links is a crucial SEO practice, the content of which brings about the space to exhibit your business with the creation of back links. SEO encompasses the consistent output, while content marketing encompasses the non-stop process to engage the community.

The digital atmosphere is changing in leaps and bound and one needs to follow different routes. The quality of content is of utmost importance and should be given priority. You should be aware of what is essentially high quality content. Quality content is what draws users to your website or to the particular article that is being focused on. To target your global audience your content needs to be unique enlaced with quality graphics and attractive images that will no doubt pull your audience towards the content.  If one looks at SEO today, you will find that it is more than just the words “traffic generation.” It is much more than that, which encircles a competitive environment that will enhance brand image and revenue in the long term. Remember that the best content marketing is the key to attracting links to smart SEO.

Hence you will see that content marketing and SEO run parallel and need each other for their existence. There is no way in which these two important components of the digital world can be broken apart and seen individually. Remember that your content needs to be professional and attractive to the audience and this no doubt is the “keyword” that will link SEO to content marketing, bringing about a partnership that will last.

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